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As a winner of the ‘Responsible Business’ award at the Social Pioneer Awards and a nominee for ‘Sustainable Business of the Year’ at the UK Environment and Energy Awards, sustainability is deeply embedded in every corner of our business. We are proud to continue our sustainability journey in making the most ethical tea possible

Sustainability is deeply embedded in the values of Eswaran Brothers Exports (Pvt) Ltd, the heritage Ceylon Tea company that creates Olinda Tea. From meeting the ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard, to being the world’s first carbon neutral tea company in the world, we are utterly committed to making the most ethical tea possible.

A Purer Tea

Olinda Teas are created by working with small hold farmers in forest gardens. The tea is packed in a carbon neutral facility and is certified as fair trade and organic. For every 100 packs of Olinda Tea sold, we will plant a tree in a reforestation project.

Tree Planting Guarantee

We track the sale of our tea with unique batch numbers given at the bottom of each box. This information is linked in our system to each tree that we plant. You can find our “tree counter” on our Facebook page (

Forest Gardens

Our tea is Forest Garden Organic. It is grown in a certified organic plantation which recreates the biodiversity of a rainforest. The tea grows amongst a profusion of living organisms that keep the growing crops’ impact on the environment to a minimum.