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Our Story Is Your Story

Olinda Tea is a creation of Eswaran Brothers, a heritage tea brand whose award-winning commitment to ethics and excellence spans decades. For three generations, our family of master tea tasters have worked lovingly to craft the finest Ceylon Teas, while striving to meet the principles of our legendary founder VTV Deivanayagam Pillai. Eswaran Brothers has won numerous business and sustainability awards including the Gold Award for Environmental Best Practices at London’s Green Apple Environment Award ceremony. We also have a number of ISO and quality certifications.

Our Values

We religiously follow the ‘SEVEN PRINCIPLES’ established by our founder as it truly defines who we are and what Olinda Teas stand for. Staying true to our history and heritage, we honour the legacy of our brand and pride in delivering one of the best cups of tea in the world, even fifty years later! Change and adaptation have been a constant in our roller coaster journey, but without which we couldn't have unlocked our true potential as master tea makers in the industry. Olinda Teas is firmly built on the 07 pillars of Determination, Hard work, Honesty & Integrity, Courage, Love, Patience, and Spirituality.


We dare to do what is right, to be different, to take risks and to uphold our values. No matter what!


We never give up and we constantly strive for excellence at unapproached new levels. The competitive world is a haven filled with endless opportunities for us!


We believe in building lasting connections with our suppliers, employees and customers. We love our tea and that’s why we are passionate about our communities and environment.


Greatness comes with patience and perseverance. We reflect and take actions at the right time, in the right way!


As they say, honesty is the best policy. And we can’t agree more! We conform to the best ethical practices instilled by our founder and will uphold it all the way!


We are strong believers that there’s more to life than material gain. It is important to grow not only in knowledge but also in spirituality!


No job is too difficult and we constantly succeed together as a team with fresh perspectives. Our relentless pursuit of success comes with hard work and smart work!