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Hibiscus Apple (28 Tea Bags)


Looking for a tasty and refreshing fruity tea? Choose the Hibiscus and Apple Tea any day, all day! Ideal for summer days, the appealing gentle flavor of fresh apples is perfectly complemented with the aromatic Hibiscus flowers

Chai Spiced Tea (28 Tea Bags)


Who loves a hot cup of bold, refreshing and flavour-packed tea? We do, how about you?  Our Chai spiced tea is not your ordinary, quiet and predictable tea

Moringa Lemon Ginger (28 Tea Bags)


Our delicious tea is folded with aromatic soothing Ginger, and island sweet Moringa and lemon zest for a delightful, conscious clear cup of calm

Lemon Blossom (28 Tea Bags)


Refresh and restart your day with the zesty and floral flavored tea

Organic Green Tea Ginger Lime (28 Tea Bags)


Tangy, cleansing, and filled with antioxidants, this strong blend is oddly satisfying! Fancy a sip? Sipping this tangy and zesty flavored organic green tea will instantly refresh you with a big boost of energy


We pride ourselves to be one of the leading sustainable tea companies in Sri Lanka. Our sustainable business practices are at the center of everything we do and our objective is to leave a better world than we found it. Olinda teas are crafted with sustainability in mind. With each sip of our teas, we have changed and enhanced lives and our sustainability journey has grown leaps and bounds.

For every 100 packets you open, we plant a tree in the southern rainforest of Sri Lanka


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