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Olinda Teas

Olinda Teas is a family-owned brand committed to ethical and exceptional tea making for over 50 years. Our goal is to be your trusted beverage choice for a healthier, natural lifestyle. With each sip, we aim to enrich your life and promote happiness, energy, and good health. Live well, naturally with Olinda Teas.

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The World's First CarbonNeutral® Tea Company!

Olinda Tea is the world's first CarbonNeutral® tea company, committed to sustainability and leaving a better world for future generations. With every sip, we make a difference, and for every 100 packets of tea, we plant a tree in the Southern Rainforest of Sri Lanka. Enjoy a cup of Olinda Tea, for the planet and the people.

it was the perfect way to unwind after a long day

Unwind and indulge in Olinda Tea's Gift Box-Relax. The Turmeric cardamom and Moringa aloe vera rose jasmine teas are my favorites. The variety in the box is perfect for any tea lover looking for a moment of relaxation.
Sarah Lee